Wood sides for a Korg Delta


One of the sides of this Korg Delta was cracked and the owner asked me to make wooden replacements.  This seemingly simple task turned out to have quite a few challenges.

The brackets that attach to the sides are recessed, at different depths no less.

I used the router table to make a duplicate of the ends. I only needed one template because the ends are mirror images.  I used and oversized bearing on a router bit to enlarge the ends by about .100″ just to give the edges a little thickness. I then used the center finder on the milling machine to locate and drill the holes for mounting the brackets.

korg-delta-06 korg-delta-09












I measured the depth of the different slots and used the milling machine to accurately rout them to depth.  With a little adjustment with a chisel I was able to get them to fit tightly in the recesses.

korg-delta-12 korg-delta-13






After a little sanding and several coats of Tung Oil I assembled all of the pieces with button head socket screws and installed them on the keyboard.

korg-delta-16 korg-delta-17

korg-delta-18 korg-delta-19