Silvertone 1420L Pickup Rewind

silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-01 silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-03 silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-10

silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-04 silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-06 silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-11 silvertone-1420-l-pickup-rewind-12




This old Silvertone 1420L came into the shop missing a bridge and with a dead bridge pickup.  I made a replacement adjustable bridge and set about rewinding the pickup.

These Silvertone pickups are commonly known as “Hershy Bar Pickups”.  They can be quite a challenge to rewind because the windings are supported only on one side.  I had to make a temporary support on the outside of the bobbin/magnet to allow for winding and then remove the temporary support without damaging the coiled wire.  It took a couple of attempts to perfect the process but I finally managed to get the pickup wound and reassembled.  I was unable to save the original rivets so I had to turn a replacement set on my Sherline metal lathe.