Saddle Height Adjustment Tool


Quickly and accurately adjust the height and radius of acoustic guitar saddles.



I created the Saddle Height Adjustment Tool to save time and increase the accuracy of adjusting the action on acoustic guitars.  It uses templates to create the radius while precisely holding the saddle in relation to a disc sander to remove material from the top of the saddle.  It can also be used to create a copy of an existing saddle or create a new, taller saddle to raise the action.


•adjusts height and radius simultaneously

•lower saddle, copy, or create a new taller saddle

•saves time and improves accuracy

•comes with 6 common radius templates.  10″ 12″,14″,15″, 16″, & 20″

•comes with 12″ long HDPE fence that can be cut to length to fit your sander

•dial indicators included

I make the Saddle Height Adjustment Tool in my home machine shop to order. $350 postage included within the U.S. If you are interested in purchasing one, have a question, or comment, please use the form below.

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