Robin Refret

robin-refret-02 robin-refret-04

I’ve seen a few botched refrets but this one takes the cake. The frets are rough, sharp, different sizes and it looks like they removed the old ones with a chisel and hammer!  It wasn’t hard to get them out because they were so poorly seated but the slots were in terrible shape.  In order to repair the damaged slots and rough edges I filled each slot with teflon dams, filled the spaces with rosewood dust, and wicked in thin superglue.  After allowing this to dry overnight I removed the teflon spacers and sanded the superglue filler level with the fingerboard.  All in all it doesn’t look so bad.  I cleaned the slots and pressed the frets in using my drill press. For a little added insurance I wicked a little more superglue under the fret ends and then filed and polished as usual.