All prices are estimates and can vary.
Minimum bench fee $30.00
Electric, Acoustic, Bass $60.00
Floyd Rose, 12 string $70.00
New Nut $55 + blank
-12 string $75 + blank
install precut $20 + nut
New Acousic Saddle $45 + blank
Replace tuners
-exact exchange $10.00
-modify to fit $30-$50
-fill screw holes and touch up $60.00
Fill and redrill neck holes $35.00
Install Bigsby $100 – includes setup
Install pickus
1 pickkup $35.00
2 pickups $55.00
3 pickups $65.00
Rout for pickups (per rout) $50 + installtion fees
Rewinding pickup coil $45 per + installtaion fees
Install pot
Install 1 pot $20 ($10 each additional)
Install switch $30.00
Install Jack $20.00
Add $25-$50 for Hollowbodies
modify pickguard $20.00
Copy existing pickguard $50 plus material
New custom pickguard or no original $75 plus material
Level and crown $125
includes setup
Refret-rosewood no binding $325.00
Refret – maple board $350.00
Refret – with binding $350.00
Defret (unfinished board) $250.00
Replace individual frets $15 per
Headstock Repairs
Reglue (no touch up) $75.00
Reglue with touch up $175.00
Reglue with splines or backstrap $350.00
Acoustic Repairs
Acoustic pickup install $75 (setup additional)
Remove and reglue bridge $125.00
-remove and install new $175 plus bridge and saddle blank, includes saddle
shaping and setup
-fill and rout new saddle $140 includes saddle shaping and setup
-make and install custom bridge, new
saddle, with old bridge removal
Repair Bridge Plate $75.00
Replace Bridge Plate $200.00
Neck reset $300 pls saddle blank, includes saddle shaping and
Glue partially loose brace $30 + by quote on inspection
Glue completely loose brace $50 + by quote on inspectlion
Crack Repair $30+ by quote
Binding Repair by quote
Finish Work by quote
*I am not set up to do refinishing on a
regular basis. I will on occasion do a restoration that requres finishing.