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  • Gibson ES-300 style pickup reconstruction

    The celluloid bobbin from this ES-300 style pickup from a 1940 Gibson EH-150 was brittle, cracked, and disintegrating in places, the windings were broken, and the magnets were missing. There was really no choice but to completely reconstruct the pickup but it provided an opportunity to look inside a rare pickup. The construction is very […]

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  • Truss Rod Channel Routing

    I recently purchased a Dewalt compact router for doing less intense routing jobs.  It is relatively light weight and smaller in size but still very powerful, ideal for routing curved truss rod channels. I made a base for the router with adjustable rails that ride along curved runners clamped to the neck blank. Material is […]

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  • Gibson Marauder Refret and Refin

    This Gibson Marauder has been put through it's paces. It has been heavily modified and taken a few hard hits. The owner wanted it cleaned up a bit but to retain the original finish on the fretboard and headstock. After stripping it down I replaced the missing wood, filled the former tailpiece holes and refinished […]

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  • Airline Binding Replacement

    Binding repair can be challenging, often requiring finish touchup and tedious leveling.  This Airline guitar had the extra challenge of installing the binding under the frets which were installed through the binding.  With a little careful measuring I was able to saw the fret slots and file the binding back to fit snugly under the […]

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  • Gretsch 6120 Binding Repair

    Old Gretsch guitars are notorious for having binding problems. This great 1957 Chet Atkins has largely escaped the binding rot that often seen on these old guitars but the neck binding had shrunken and worked loose.  I had to replace 2 small sections that were missing but most of the old binding went back into […]

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  • 70’s Les Paul Deluxe Refinish

    5-lp-refinish-02 5-lp-refinish-60 5-lp-refinish-63

    This poor Les Paul Deluxe suffered the rigors of the arid New Mexico climate. The maple cap was split and pulling away form the mahogany body in several places. The owner opted to replace the mini humbuckers with vintage P-90’s and have it refinished a Gold Top.

    The frets were in need of being replaced and the binding nibs had already been removed so I took the opportunity to flatten the fretboard before replacing the frets.

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  • Pullstring Systems D/B bender

    Here’s something you don’t see everyday. This is a combination D and B bender developed by Paul McEwen at pulltonedevices.com. The 1/2 inch thick aluminum assembly attaches to the back of the guitar using the neck mounting screws. Installation was remarkably easy. The only problem I encountered was it initially wouldn’t pull the B a […]

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  • EH-150 Bridge Reproduction

    Yesterday I worked on the replacement bridge for the EH-150 I am restoring.  I don’t have an original bridge so I used a tracing of the footprint visible on the guitar and pictures.  I used my tablesaw and bandsaw to rough out the shape and cleaned it up with files and sandpaper. A final buffing […]