Making a Tuner Screw

making-tuner-screw-01 making-tuner-screw-05

making-tuner-screw-20 making-tuner-screw-23

I am working on restoring a 1940’s Gibson L-1 and it is missing one of the tuner post screws.  Unfortunately it is an odd size , 4-36, and I couldn’t find a replacement.  By an odd stroke of luck I happened to have purchased a set of small taps and dies at the flea market many months ago and it has both the tap and die in this size.  I have been buying metal working tools of late and working on my machining knowledge just for a situations like this.

Using the metal lathe I turned the screw blank to size, cut the threads by hand, chucked the screw back up and rounded the head with a file, and slotted it on the milling machine. For more pic click here.