Gretsch Syncromatic – making binding straps

On unfinished guitars or guitars with sturdier finished I would normally apply pressure to the binding by stretching masking tape from the side of the guitar over the binding onto the top and back.  The delicate finish on this guitar make it necessary to apply pressure by other means. The tape would surely pull the finish loose.  I have seen large elastic rubber bands for sale in luthier supply catalogs but with a little internet searching I found a low/no cost alternative… inner tube! Duh! All I had to do was stop at a few used tire shops and I eventually found one that had an unusable inner tube which they gave me for nothing.  After a bit of cleaning I cut it lengthwise in a spiral to create one long strip about 1″ wide.  I wasn’t particularly precise about it. I made it really long and it turned out I could have used even more.