Gretsch Anniversary – Finishing up pt.1

With the neck glued in place all that is left is a little clean up and finishing.

I filled the screw hole with epoxy filler and carved it flush with the heel.  I stained it dark brown to make finishing over it easier.

Unfortunately part of the heel cap came off during the repair.  The plastic material has become very brittle.  I saved the broken pieces and reattached them to the heel with solvent glue.  Some of the  material turned to dust leaving gaps between the pieces.  I decided to fill the spaces with melted binding material to bond them together.  My goal is to make them look as they did when I started, not to replace it with a complete heel cap.  Luckily I have plenty of pictures.  I mixed small pieces of white and off white binding into a glass of acetone to created a paste/glue that matched the original cap.  I painted this into the spaces between the original pieces until it resemble the surrouding area.  After drying I incised small cuts with an exacto knife to resemble the age cracks and rubbed a brown stain into the cuts.  Then I applied amber lacquer over the new areas until it blended in.   It looks a bit dark but I may be able to  buff it out a bit later.