Kay Kleenex Box Pickup Rewinding

kay-kleenex-box-pickup-rewinding-02 kay-kleenex-box-pickup-rewinding-03


The bridge pickup in this old Kay wasn't working and it quickly became clear why. Someone had removed all of the coil wire. It saved me the trouble of removing the old wire but I didn't have the old coil to inspect for gauge. The neck pickup was working well and I didn't want to remove the tape covering the coil for fear of damaging the windings. The resistance on the neck puckup is  12k so I decided to use 44 gauge wire.  8250 turns yielded a resistance of 12.16k.  Using a homemade gauss meter I set the magnets to the reverse polarity of the neck and wired the coil in reverse to get humbucking properties when both pickups were engaged.  It all worked as planned and sounds great.