Fender P-bass Truss Rod Repair

fender-jazz-bass-truss-rod-repair-03 fender-jazz-bass-truss-rod-repair-13 fender-jazz-bass-truss-rod-repair-14

The nut had been cross threaded on this P-Bass neck with such force that the anchor came loose causing the entire truss rod to spin inside the neck.  My friend Paul managed to loosen the nut allowing the truss rod to be pushed out the headstock end of the neck.  After cleaning the crushed threads with a die I attempted to reinstall the rod but the sleeve inside the neck bunched up causing the skunk stripe to pop up near the base.  With a little gentle coaxing I go the entire stripe out.  I wrapped the rod in wax paper, epoxied the anchor back in place, and reglued the skunk stripe and headstock plug.  Except for a small ridge at the base of the neck you would never know.