Dean Z – modified bridge post bushings


Here is an interesting repair I had in the shop this week. The owner of this Dean Z wanted to replace the existing bridge with a TonePros AVR-II. (The AVR-II is a solid replacement for for Gibson ABR-1 tune-o-matics.) This posed a couple of challenges. Although the bridge I was replacing was an import ABR style, the post spacing was off just enough so that the new one would not fit. I also found that the 1st string saddle would not go forward far enough to intonate correctly. Perhaps it originally had a different bridge with more travel or it may have just been placed a little too far back. I just need it to go forward a little so I took advantage of the fact that the bridge inserts were designed for larger screws and the AVR-II uses small screws which enabled me to make new inserts with he screws offset. The offset pushed the bridge forward and allowed a little adjustment of the spacing.