Custom Guitar assembly for Michel Fortier


This custom guitar was designed by Michel Fortier and he brought it to me for assembly. He put a great deal of thought into all of the components and assembly methods. The Mahogany and tiger Maple body was made by Musikraft and the Wenge neck was made by Warmoth.

The fret markers and side dots are fluorescent material called Luminlay. Drilling out the centers of the fret markers required a making a special collet to hold them in the lathe. Interestingly, the friction of drilling made them glow brightly while working on them,

The neck was mounted using stainless steel inserts which required very precise positioning of the holes. To make sure everything lined up I used the milling machine to dial in the exact locatlions. The recesses for the scerw ferules were located on the milling machine and drilled with a boring head (see video).

To get the strings to progress through the nut to the tuners in as straight a line as possible I drew up the neck and strings in OnShape to determine the cooridinates for the tuner holes and dialed them in on the milling machine as well.

The truss rod cover gave me an opportunity to use my new (to me) Gorton 3z pantograph. I was able to make a large size template of the truss rod and the pantograph reduced it to size. This makes it much easier to make it symetrical and easier to work with such a small piece of wood. The cover is attached using hidden neodymium magnets.

I made the control cover from solid Wenge and it is attched with neodymium magnets as well.

Michel did a beautiful job of staining and finishing the body, painting the cavities with shielding paint, and installing the electronics. The neck pickup is a Crème Brûlée by ReWind pickups and the bridge is a vintage Semour Duncan JB.

All of the professional quality photos were taken by Michel as well. Thanks for letting me use them!