Repairs – Contact Form

In order to keep up with the general maintenance of my customers’ instruments as well as the the more time intensive repairs and restorations I have divided the types of service I provide into 3 categories.

Category 1 – General Maintenance and quick repairs – I take these types of repairs in at a higher rate and turn them around faster. My goal is to have them back within a week of taking them in for service. Examples: setups, pickup changes, etc.

Category 2 – Repairs that take more time. Examples: refrets, neck resets, acoustic bridge replacement. My goal is to retun these repairs in 2-3 weeks

Category 3 – Time intensive repairs. Examples: restorations, lacquer repairs, instruments which multiple issues. Repair time is difficult to determine.

Service Request

Please let me know what type of service you need on your instrument.

Please describe any other issues you are having with the instrument