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    I am constantly looking for ways to improve my accuracy and I have settled on a new method for spacing strings when cutting a new nut. The goal when making a new nut is to get equal spacing between each string. Since the strings have different diameters the spacing between them is unequal. Special rulers […]

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    This wins the award for strangest instrument to come into the shop!  If anyone has any information please contact me.

    It is designed to be played either sitting flat like a lap steel or upright like a standard guitar.  Each finger lever controls a rotating metal rod with a helical ridge that rotates.  As the rod rotates the ridge contacts the string higher up the neck changing the pitch of the string.  Each finer lever is geared to a rod with a wound spring that brings the rod back to it’s original position.

    It has a single coil pickup, thumb activated volume control as well as master volume and tone knobs.

    The engineering and construction of this instrument is very impressive.

    It came into the shop with some mechanical and wiring issues which I was able to put right but beyond making it function I have no idea what to do with it! I made some videos of myself demonstrating how it functions. For more photos and videos click here.