1964 Jazzmaster fret marker repair and refret


This  neck came off a 1964 Jazzmaster that was heavily modified and adorned with ornaments.  The fret markes had been gouged out leaving odd shaped jagged holes and the fretboard was worn, pitted, and scarred from some terrible fretwork.  The veneered fretboard left very little material to work with.  To clean up the fret markers I was able to drill holes with a flat bottom drill and plug them with matching rosewood plugs.  Afterwards I drilled the correct size marker holes and installed clay dots.  Since the wood beneath the frets was still the original height I was able to level the board just enough to true these ridges for the new frets to be installed.  There are still areas of wear and gouging between the frets but they all sit level and it plays very well.