1961 Gibson SG Special Refinish

1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-02   1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-20






I finally finished restoring this ’61 SG.  It needed a little bit of binding repair, filling of an ill advised pickup rout, and refinishing in cherry red. Oh…. and removing Ted Nugent’s signature.

1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-03   1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-23







Someone decided it would be nice to rout and install for a telecaster bridge pickup.

1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-07   1961-gibson-sg-special-refinish-22







In this shot I am working on the rout repair but you can see where the the bridge angle was reduced to accommodate a more modern lightning bolt bridge.  I moved it back to the original location and patched the hole.