1936 Gibson EH-150 Refin

1936-gibson-eh-150-06 1936-gibson-eh-150-87

1936-gibson-eh-150-66 charlie-christian-pickup-28 1936-gibson-eh-150-01 1936-gibson-eh-150-92





I found this 1936 Gibson EH-150 on ebay a while back and have been slowly restoring it.  I got it for next to nothing, most likely because it had no hardware and no pickup. Tracking down original parts would be difficult and expensive.  It struck me as a worthwhile project to test out building a Charlie Christian style pickup and milling the  hardware from scratch.  I was lucky enough to find replica knobs from Fake 58.

My good friend Gene Warner was kind enough to record a little sample (you don’t want to hear me play it!)


For more photos of the restoration click here.

For photos of the pickup construction click here.