1930’s Gibson L-1 12-fret

gibson-l-1-02 gibson-l-1-095

gibson-l-1-14 gibson-l-1-22 gibson-l-1-83 gibson-l-1-098





I’ve been working on this Gibson L-1 for quite a while.  The major damage was to the bridge area. At some point a classical bridge had been installed to cover a large hole through the top and bridge plate.  I installed a larger bridge plate to span the area, patched the top, and installed a replica of the original bridge.

I had to replace one of the braces which was cracked beyond repair and spent a great deal of time regluing the other braces. The frets required reseating and the original pickguard was reinstalled.

This is a sweet sounding vintage player. If anyone has any dating info on this guitar please let me know.

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